Lighting & Grip Equipment / Crew

We all know how expensive it is to travel with Grip Gear. You don’t need to call a rental house when all you need are a couple of lights, green screen and some grip gear.

Also, why pay for the delivery and return costs when Dan can bring it along.


Lighting Package
2-Kino Flo 401’s with 55K & 32K bulbs
2-Kino Flo 201’s with 55K & 32K bulbs
Light stand for each fixture

Tungsten Package
Mole Richardson: Tweenie II and Midgets

Grip Package
6 C-stands
2 18×24 double nets
2 18×24 single nets
2 18×24 flags
2 Full Apple Boxes

5 50 foot Stingers

Heavy Duty Multi-Cart


Additional fixtures/grip gear available upon request

green screen.jpg

Green Screen and Backdrops
10’×12’ EFFX Green Screen with sewn top pocket & side grommets*

10'×20 Modeled Grey cloth*
10' Arctic White paper*
10’ Thunder Grey paper*

Includes background stand kit


Recommendations for outstanding crew members including: Camera Operators, Gaffers, Grips, Teleprompter Operators, Makeup Artists and Production Assistants.


Camera Accessories
Video Devices Pix E-7 with LR Audio

Cartoni Focus Fluid Head with dual-stage carbon fiber tripod