About Dan


You can rely on Dan to deliver quality work. With a nineteen-year track record in film, broadcast, and television — both in corporate and public media — his expertise and experience include a wide range of capabilities. He is multi-skilled, but is also aware of boundaries and knows where to put his focus.


Although primarily a sound engineer and shooter, Dan frequently undertakes a wide range of production roles including lighting and D.P. Currently, Dan’s focus is on sound in the corporate and broadcast markets, but he also shoots ENG-style (Electronic News Gathering, such as on-location news broadcasting) and EFP-style (Electronic Field Production, such as corporate meetings, award shows, concerts), documentary-style, and multi-camera live broadcasts.


Dan knows that having all the best equipment — at your fingertips — is a must in this business. That’s why he’s constantly expanding his collection of gear and brushing up on filming and sound techniques. Dan’s knowledge of technology is constantly growing, as he makes it a high priority to keep up with the latest techniques and tools of the trade.


Based in Chicago, Dan’s familiarity with the media scene and shooting locations is an invaluable asset to his clients. Although based in the Chicago area, Dan frequently travels throughout the country, and is open to new client experiences.


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